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welcome to my community...its not really a community yet...but when i get around to it...then it will be...and i probably wont change this...there are rules...no surveys...no quizzes...nothing longer than 4 lines...no pictures...no subjects...no moods...no music...no advertisements...nothing serious...no fishing for comments...nothing vague...just observations about life...every entry is written to sissyboy because he was the first friend...ill go ahead and feel free to delete shit i dont want...if you want to be accepted in send me an email...now uh...will somebody tell me how to change my journal into a community...if you want a code you should tell me...on tuesdays...between 2pm and 3pm


"so i think i'm the only person that has you on their friends list that you don't list back. i feel unspecial ... or unfresh or something."


"Lucas has awesome hair.... and likes to look at old gay dudes giving head....."

"wtf, i dont get it."

"I think the goal is lame as well. It makes you sound like a self-centered prick. Whether that is true or not, I don't know. I never knew you all too well.

But, I can honestly say (I hope this contributes to your sad effort) that I get a good laugh every now and then by reading your journal. You're very insightful and I enjoy the irony you are constantly bringing into the light."

"Lukas(sic) Lembrick is a prick-kick-stick of the super-hick dick-flick.

Either that, or:

This journal is wittiest journal I have ever had the opportunity to read. Lukas(sic) still owes me a hemp necklace.

"lucas has a big dick"

"If man is five, then the devil is six, and if the devil is six, then god is seven, and if god is seven then Lucas four-point-five."

myspace is neat...but i will always be dedicated to livejournal...of course...nobody reads my livejournal anymore because they spend too much time on myspace...anyways...i dont post there or anything...but if you want to see naked pictures of me... www.myspace.com/locuswarm

frappr map: http://www.frappr.com/locuswarm

***all content contained in this journal is for use by permission...which will most likely be granted

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